We are the first group that will be presenting today. First, I feel a little bit nervous to present our video. But after all, I felt relieved that everything goes exactly like what we planned.

So, first of all, I would like to thanked all the lecturers for giving us fully guidance and advice through all this semester. Honestly, I had learnt many things and experiencing new things through this courses. Plus, it will be memorable memories for me because doing it with all the person that I love. Thank you lecturers, thank you teammates, thank you classmates, THANK YOU EVERYONE!






For this week, we need to present our final draft in the class. Today, we had both Dr Khalid and Dr Fariza with us. Basically, I think my group had done a very good job for all this time. The lecturers kind of agree with everything we had done so far yet we still did not finished shooting our few last scenes. We also need to change few things like the language that we have been used all this time, we need to change it and use only English.

So far, yes, we had done a great job! As for the presentation day, which is the “Edutechnovation Day”, we had volunteering ourselves to be in charge for the publicity. So, we need to ready with the poster of the event and try to promote it and invite as many people as we can to come. I think this responsibilities can help us in developing out leadership skills and this is the time for us to show our abilities and try to further it.





Today, Dr Khalid want us to present our teaser or everything that we have done so far. Some of the group managed to produced an amazing teaser and really captured everyone attention. While some of the group still in the progress of shooting the scenes. As for my group, we had present the teaser that had been edited by an apps from a mobile phone. Thank god, it can be played for presentation.

The lecturers had give us some suggestions that we can add in our video such as add some facts about trashes in UKM, doing some survey or interview and what not. We count every single suggestions from lecturers and friends. This is because, I think that our topic can be great topic if we managed to add and mix every important elements in our video.

I was feel amazed by other groups work. Each of the groups had given a total different messages from each other and they can brainstorm and produce an idea that I can not even think about! I can not wait to view everyone’s final work .

This weekend, we had gone to Putrajaya for our photography session. These are some of the pictures!







Today, we do not have any lecture but we need to present our storyboard. Both Dr Khalid and Dr Rosseni were attending the class and ready to give some opinions, ask our friends to help us and brainstorm together about our topic. For my group, first of all, my group decided to make a video about “Typical Malaysian”, but because of few challenges, we had decided to made a new storyboard in title “The Bitter Truth”. My group’s theme was more to awareness of the students about trashes. Basically, my group was one of the group that wanted to produce a kind of serious genre short movie.

First, both lecturers seem to understand and interesting with our topic. But, they wanted us to add some kind of information or facts in our video so the impact also increasing. This is because, our topic was one of the topic that seems cliche to everyone, but its a serious matter that happens around us.

So, I feel relief because the lecturers approved our topic so my group can move to another stage of movie producing that is shooting the scene.





assalamualaikum copy

Well basically, this is what we learnt in week 9.



To be honest, i am not a good photographer though! I think I do not have the passion or do not know the techniques to produce a good picture. Maybe because I think that I am not a creative person. Back to the class, For this week, Dr Fariza had taught us some tricks and shared some information about camera that we should know before taking pictures.

There was activity in the class that Dr Fariza asked us to take a photo using the selective focus. So, this can help in producing a great pictures! So, after having few discussions, we had decided to do our photography session at Putrajaya! All of us was so excited and hope that all the information that given by Dr Fariza will be helping and useful for us in that session.




Its week after mid semester break! We were fully charged and just came back from hometown. So, we were looking forward to come to this class and do some activities with the lecturers. Again, this week, Dr Khalid led the class and give lecture about Movie Maker. For some people, they already used to use this apps in producing a short movie. But honestly for me, this is a new thing. After give a brief explanation about this apps, Dr Khalid told us to produce a short movie.

He add that to produce an interesting movie, we must be creative and use different type of elements such as graphic, animation, video and what not. After done it with my groups, we need to present it in front of the class. But, because of the insufficient time, our group did not have time to present it yet we still need to post it in the MOOC. But in my opinions, we may have produce better movie if we were given more time to discuss and edit it. Anyway, we have so much fun today!



assalamualaikum 1 (1)Greetings!

For today’s class, Dr Khalid had given us a lecture about multimedia elements and how to produce a good video with great sound editing. So, he had showed us 2 videos and told us to compared both videos. After that, we were instructed to do a discussions among our group about the strength and the weaknesses of both videos and presented it. Actually, one of the video that been showed was Dr Khalid’s video. So, personally, I really respect Dr Khalid because became open minded and received all the negative comments from us.

The other video was more about travelogue and it became interesting because the editor was superb and they use combination of videos and still pictures. Meanwhile, Dr Khalid’s video more to keep their memories when they were on a vacation with family members. So, basically Dr Khalid’s video contain of only still pictures.

Then, he introduced us to a software named audacity for editing and mixing songs or music. He briefly explain to us how to use the apps and asked us to try it by ourselves. Lastly, everyone in the class did a very good job. And before the class ended, we had a discussion about our photography trip and we had decided to go to Penang! 🙂




Greetings! Hello everyone. This is my reflection for week 5.

This week, Its Dr Fariza’s turn to give a lecture. Todays lecture, she is talking about Traditional Media. First of all, I don’t think that this topic need to be discussed in classroom nowadays especially at this Educational Technology course. But then, Dr Fariza told us that sometimes, things that from past can be used in the classroom especially when you are posted in the rural area school. The student may be not familiar or even does not know how to use a computer and latest technologies. This is because, there are places that do not have electricity and other facilities. So, as a teacher, we must be creative and innovative in choosing a materials and media to used in the classroom.

There are few types of media such as printed materials, free materials and display surfaces. All this media have their own advantages and limitations. So, the teacher need to choose the suitable one regarding to the environment and the student needs.

After Dr Fariza giving her lecture, we need to sit back with our own group and do some discussion about HOW and WHEN do we use the media that she give us. For my group, we need to discuss about LCD Projector. We have to do it in google presentation and post it on MOOC. Lastly, we need to present our findings in front of everyone.

As my own group, I think that we get a common media that been used in most of the classroom and schools nowadays. So, we don’t really have to discuss more about it. But, when we present it, there still lack of some information. Plus, I think everyone in the group should be presented it together. This is because, it will only be fair if everyone talking in front of the classroom.

About the usage of the LCD Projector in the classroom, I do think it is suitable for a large classroom so that everyone can see the notes or whatever that their teacher show in front of the classroom. Furthermore, it is good for a presentation purposes for both student and teachers. For example, if we need to present our assignment, we as a student can add some animation in our presentation so it can be more interesting and people will be more attracted so it will never be bored.

But REMEMBER, social media nowadays cannot replace traditional media nor can traditional media alone adequately meet the expectations of a digital age.